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Amit Shah misspeaks, Rahul Gandhi, Congress have field day(The Times of India)

BJP president Amit Shah said today that “if there were ever a competition for the most corrupt government then the (BJP’s) Yeddyurappa government would come first”.
Shah wasn’t joking, but he didn’t mean to say that either about BS Yeddyurappa (BSY), who is the BJP’s candidate for chief minister in the Karnataka Assembly elections. The BJP president merely misspoke.
As soon as Shah said that at a press conference he was holding in Bengaluru, BSY – who was earlier CM of Karnataka – and sitting to Shah’s right, leaned over to him, possibly to correct him. Then Shah amended what he said – that he meant “Siddaramaiah would come first in a competition for the most corrupt government” – but the damage had been done.
Of course, Rahul Gandhi and his Congress party (just like the BJP would have) couldn’t pass up this opportunity to pillory Shah and it had a field day doing so.
“…time for a sneak preview of our top secret campaign video! Gifted to us by the BJP President, our campaign in Karnataka is off to a fabulous start. He says Yeddyurappa ran the most corrupt Govt ever… True”, tweeted Congress president Rahul.

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